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We are The Best School in Bangalore

Our visionary leader & Chairman Dr. N.A Mohammed aspired to create a world-class educational institution. His son, Mr. N.A Haris transformed this vision into reality by founding Nalapad Academy. While we pride ourselves on imparting great quality education, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience through an amalgamation of programmes designed according to the international curriculum and immersive co-curricular activities for all students.

Why Nalapad Academy?

With Nalapad Academy your child can save 1 full year!

An average student spends around 3 hours  in travelling to school, on a daily basis.

Which is equal to 660 hours a year

which is equal to 6600 hours by the time your child finishes schooling!


Best International School In Bangalore
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Nalapad Nest

The younger years play a crucial role in a child’s personality development as their foremost experiences form their perceptions of the outer world. Nalapad Nest is the foundation ground of our future achievers. In line with our motto of “Nurturing Hope”, the Nest thrives on strong partnership between the parent, the facilitator and the child. The Early Years Foundation Stage framework program at the Nest provides experiential learning to the young children focussing on their all-round development. The safe, secure and multi sensorial preschool environment provides a ground for the children to build on their experiences and develop essential life skills like critical thinking, problem solving and social skills. At the Nest, we perceive each child as a unique individual with unique needs, unique learning styles and unique learning abilities. Our facilitators at the Nest create individual hands-on teaching strategies and enabling an environment that aids learning and development naturally.
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Primary School

Our curriculum is specially designed with 112 learning objectives, 26 subsets and 7 learning domains that help prepare our students for readiness. Keeping in mind the uniqueness of every child, we construct their knowledge and enhance their skills through Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence learning and teaching methods. We focus on inculcating a sense of wonder and encourage their natural curiosity through discovery learning. Our classroom structure is designed to facilitate innovative teaching learning methods such as project based learning, thematic and interactive approach of learning which revolve around core learning domains.
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Lower/Upper Secondary School

Our program for this section is designed as contemporary and it is continuously evolving and preparing students to enter high school with confidence. Our students are taught under the International curriculum. Following a flipped classroom system, children are encouraged to complete their course work in school and review the upcoming lessons through audio, video and written exercises. Their learning process includes group and individual projects. This helps in building qualities like - leadership, team bonding, timely performance and cross-training. Our classes involve audio-visual presentations, group discussions and debates that results in the construction of knowledge that encourages curiosity. Community service is also interwoven into our curriculum, ensuring that our students and facilitators participate in the development of the underprivileged and the needy both in the city and in the rural areas.
Awards and Recognition

While we pride ourselves on imparting great quality education, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience through an amalgamation of programmes designed according to the international curriculum and immersive co-curricular activities for all students.

Check out our social media

Check out our social media

Dear teachers, staff and Principal at Nalapad, I would like to thank you to quickly adapt and move to online classes for kids in the current situation. I think the fact that kids are engaged for an hour a day is a great start as they usually dont like spending time in a video call. Slowly but steadily their tolerance level & engagement time over video call is also increasing and I would encourage you to keep doing it everyday. The kids are excited and continue to learn something new everyday. Thank you for the initiative to keep learning on. Please teach him whatever they need to know before they go to the next grade. I am happy to do some work with them at home myself. I also feel good that we have not let the corona virus situation bring the kids spirits down and the classes help them connect with their peers everyday. The kids should remember this as an exciting time instead if what we all are feeling today.
Ms. Maithili Roy Parent of Nivedh FS2
Dear Nalapad Team, Congratulations and Thanks for successful completion of a Week of Online and Digitally enabled Classroom Sessions. Nalapad Team (Sai Ma'am, Kusum Ma'am, Parvati Ma'am, Yaquta Ma'am, Sudha Ma'am, Nidhi Ma'am, Ayesha Ma'am) truly demonstrated very professional approach and meticulous planning to host and facilitate all online classroom sessions. Initially we were curious to understand effectiveness of this mode of learning. We observed initial few sessions and soon we concluded that Nalapad Team is doing great job. Students were very participative. Video platform used had amazing clarity for visuals and audio. Teacher's team very well kept students engaged on this virtual platform and delivered their sessions. Also to mention, students did not miss out on the fun part as mischiefs and laughing still continued. As a parent, we are thankful to be part of Nalapad Academy as they very well managed this situation and has emerged as Best School once again. Great Job Team. Proud to be part of Nalapad Academy.
Ms. Priyanka Parent of Prahaan Kulkarni, Grade 1
Dear Principal, Coordinators, Teachers and Staff of Nalapad Academy. With reference to the online classes, I Parent of Muhammad Roshan would like to share my gratitude. I would like to begin by saying a big thank you to all the teachers, coordinators for putting in all your efforts to make this online classes a success. I was a little anxious with the lock-down and what happens to my son's learning. I always felt distancing from academics for long is going to be quite challenging in the next session. However the immediate thought process of Nalapad Academy team to quickly be on with an Online program for children was just phenomenal. A very well structured lesson plan to keep them engaged, apt time slots and fabulous work by the teachers. The most important essence of Online classes was giving equal importance to every participating child and keeping them equally engaged, this was executed remarkably well. Also not to miss the assessments which challenged the child to prove his being attentive and learning was very appropriate. I thank once again for taking these extra thoughtful steps to keep the children engaged to academics in a fun way and also maintaining social distancing during these pandemic time. Stay safe and stay home until this cloud of virus gets completely clear.
Mr. Maseeh Saifi Parent of Muhammad Roshan