Foundation Stage 1: 

Foundation Stage 1(FS1) program focuses on building enthusiasm and developing critical thinking, collaborating creative and problem solving skills. Emphasis is laid on the development of core academic skills as well as essential character building skills. Our experiential program includes:

  • Circle Time:
    It is a quality circle time for their personal, creative and social development.


  • Daily five framework for Literacy:
    This framework includes Jolly phonics which improves their reading and comprehension skills.
  • Daily three framework for Math:
    This framework focuses on improving their understanding of math concepts through fun theoretical and experiential learning.
  • Development time based on approach.
  • Developing other Literary skills:
    Essential literary tools like mailing and journal writing are taught to improve their literacy skills.
  • Science exploration:
    We further take them through science by giving them hands-on experiences and broaden their knowledge which will improve their understanding of its application in real life.
  • Stem and robotics:
    This activity develops building and problem solving skills which helps them think of effective and ineffective solutions.
  • Physical development training:
    Specialized coaches are dedicated to improve their physical fitness. The training also includes swimming lessons.


Dance and Music training:
These activities mainly focus on their creative skills and abilities.