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Our visionary leader & Chairman Dr. N.A Mohammed aspired to create a world-class educational Institution. His son Mr. NA Haris transformed this vision into reality by founding Nalapad Academy. While we pride ourselves on imparting great quality education, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience through an amalgamation of programmes designed according to the international curriculum and immersive co-curricular activities for all students. number of parents can be accommodated on each tour on first come first serve basis. Also it should be noted that the tour does not guarantee that the child will be accepted. Accepts applications from prospective parents Judged throughout the year and those interested are encouraged to contact the school by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information difference to the community we serve and that provides.
Our vision is to create empathetic leaders through our holistic and innovative approach, to nurture them into lifelong learners who contribute to the global world.
Our mission is to nurture global citizens through a stimulating learning environment that encourages core values, honesty, integrity, creativity and empathy.
Nobility in endeavours and actions: We promote gratitude towards individual differences and potential. Aiming higher: We provide a superior education system to our students, concentrating on their academic growth as well as overall development as frontrunners of the society. Logical reasoning: We recognise knowledge as the final transformation of all intelligence. Accomplishment: We aim to accomplish the highest level of technological literacy amongst all our students. Pledge: We pledge to provide our students with safe and friendly environment and nurture them to grow into responsible leaders. Attention: We understand that each child is unique and requires different practices of learning/teaching. Dedication and Duty: We thrive to instil within our students and faculties a dedication towards personal, social and moral values and an understanding of their duties as members of the society.

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I took a piece of living clay, And gently formed it day by day, And molded with my power and art A young child’s soft and yielding heart…… At Nalapad Academy we nurture hope to make our children innovators, thinkers, risk takers, knowner and life long learners. We have designed our curriculum wherein equal importance is given to academics, sports, visual art, theatre arts and music. We firmly believe that each child is unique and deserves the environment to grow as confident leaders of tomorrow. Our student centric learning and pragmatic approach enables each child to discover their potentials and be ready for the challenges ahead.

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