Early Year 3:

Our Early Year 3 Program focuses on all-round development by proceeding age appropriate resources. We follow EYFS frame work guidelines and approach for our teaching & learning processes. Our experiential learning program includes:


  • Circle Time:
    It is a quality circle time for their personal and social development.
  • Jolly Phonics:
    It is a multi-sensorial program which boosts their literacy development.
  • Explore Math:
    This is an experiential program for making math concepts easy and fun to learn.
  • Developmental Time:
    It focuses on broadening a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world which taught through role plays, sand-water table, light table, block center, etc.
  • Story Time, Puppeteer, Music and Movement:
    Each of the activities enhances a child’s communication, language, literacy and creative skills.
  • Science Exploration:
    We take them through the world of science by giving them hands-on experiences which helps them understand its application in real life.
  • Indoor Time:
    It provides essential cognitive skills and enhance complex thought and memory formation.
  • Outdoor Time:
    Focuses on kinesthetic learning through physical activities which is important for both, mental and physical stability.


Stem and Robotics:
This activity develops building and problem solving skills which helps them think of effective and ineffective solutions.