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Co-curricular activities are an important part in forming a child’s personality and character. Recognizing the importance of the same, we at Nalapad Academy, have dedicated expansive areas for recognizing and mentoring our students in the areas of Art and Craft, Dance and Music, Performing Arts and Sports.

Here in our school a child’s imagination is allowed to flow freely to create innovative and interesting creations. To facilitate this, we have specialised zones dedicated for visual arts enhancement. They are inspired to enhance their creative skills and develop artworks such as paintings, pottery, murals and installations.

Visual Arts - Nalapad Academy
Performing Arts - Nalapad Academy

This academy forms an essential part in enhancing the overall learning experiences for our students. Research shows that performing arts, especially dance and music help develop and stimulate brain functions. We let our students create their own success stories through their inherent talents. We train our students in different styles of dance and genres of music, developing a multi-pronged approach for both forms of art in partnership with several reputed dance and music academies. Drama, as an art form, helps the students to think, create and express in a better way. Through it, we effectively encourage creative and divergent thinking, problem-solving abilities as well as social and interpersonal communication skills in our students. Our students are also given the opportunity to display their talents through several platforms.

Sports is an important part of a growing child’s emotional and physical development. Our campus is well-equipped with several sports facilities – both indoor and outdoor. For indoor sports, we train our students in chess, table tennis, boxing, yoga, squash, martial arts, shooting and archery. We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art arenas and courts for basketball, football, volleyball, cricket and badminton. Our temperature-controlled half Olympic-sized swimming pool is an ideal fit for children who have dreams of becoming the next Michael Phelps!

Sports - Nalapad Academy
Community Services - Nalapad Academy

Inculcating a sensitive attitude towards the needy and working towards their upliftment is an important part of growing as an individual. Our students and faculties are involved in community service from the very beginning both within the city as well as in a rural environment. This aspect of our program fosters a sense of compassion and empathy among the little ones as well as keeps them grounded to their roots.

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