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A Tech Smart School

We integrate technology as a part of our curriculum with the aim of enabling our children to adopt to a growing technical world. Nalapad Academy is equipped with Wi-fi zones, Apple Learning Centres, Apple Tv’s in classrooms and children are given I-Pads for an interactive learning experience. Our faculty undergo continuous training programs in order to enhance teaching methods in line with industry requirements.

Swimming Pool

Nalapad Academy offers a state-of-the-art, half Olympicsize, temperature-controlled swimming pool for students of all ages. The pool provides a safe, engaging aquatic environment, ensuring optimal conditions for swimming. The facility is equipped with modern safety equipment, lifebuoys, and first aid kits. Swimming is not only a recreational activity but also a valuable life skill, promoting physical fitness, endurance, and water safety knowledge. The pool also promotes cardiovascular health, muscular strength, coordination, flexibility, lung capacity, and discipline. Nalapad Academy collaborates with Nisha Millet Swimming Academy to provide a wellrounded educational experience.

Swimming Pool - Nalapad Academy
Squash Court - Nalapad Academy

Squash Court

The number of benefits associated with playing squash are innumerable. Developing agility, sharpens hand eye coordination, compels flexibility and boosts cardiovascular health are just a few aspects that squash helps with. At Nalapad Academy, learning and sports go hand in hand.


The sport of Archery has been linked with a numerous health benefits ranging from developing strength, focus, coordination and patience to developing upper body strength. Sporting activities form an integral part at Nalapad Academy.

Archery - Nalapad Academy
Football Turf - Nalapad Academy

Football Turf

Football is one of the most engaging and physically exhaustive sports. It is scientifically proven to improve aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health, muscle strength and many more. We believe that everyone of our children should engage in sports that develop them physically as well as mentally.


Our food choices each day affect our health — how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, our diet can help us reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce our risk of chronic diseases and promote overall health.

Our well-equipped cafeteria has healthy and balanced meals crafted by our nutritionists and expert chefs who will ensure that your child’s diet is nourishing & fulfilling.

Nutrition - Nalapad Academy
Infirmary & Healthcare - Nalapad Academy

Infirmary & Healthcare

We at Nalapad Academy believe that our students’ safety and well-being are of utmost importance. Our health services are extended to both students and staff members with a view of maximizing general health and awareness. Our infirmary is equipped with two beds and state-of-the-art medical equipment to meet the immediate health requirements of a child that may arise during school hours. A certified nurse is responsible for treating and looking after the children. The nurse also maintains a comprehensive record of each student’s medical history. This helps in catering to the unique health needs of every child. A Memorandum of Understanding has been created between our organization and the Manipal Group of Hospitals.


Premise is fully equipped with extreme coverage cctv. Our vertical approach also ensures a complete control over the student activities throughout the day in the academy.

Security - Nalapad Academy
Cafeteria - Nalapad Academy


Isn’t it simply amazing how food was not merely meant to satisfy bodily hunger but also holds the power to satisfy our soul’s hunger for communion when enjoyed with others? How many souls have bonded over a simple meal! The canteen, then, becomes a compelling inclusion to any school campus. A hygienic environment and nutrition-dense food are the two prime requisites for a school canteen.

We at Nalapad Academy believe that health is not to be trifled with. Our canteen’s sanitary environment and the fresh, delicious, and healthful menu are sure to cater to the dietary needs of children of all ages. The canteen not only serves as a place to learn healthy eating habits but also plays an important part in building companionships.


Science is not simply a subject but permeates through all of life. Therefore, simply theoretical study will never suffice. Understanding science and its concepts require practical knowledge Nalapad Academy believes in nurturing a child’s inner researcher and scientist through well-stocked laboratories. Our labs are used for imparting knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Robotics. All the necessary chemicals, specimens and instruments are available in adequate quantities to ensure that every student gets to carry out individual experiments. Experienced and qualified teachers, Lab Assistants oversee and guide the students in their experiments. Every child’s safety while handling chemicals and carrying out experiments is duly taken care of.

Laboratories - Nalapad Academy
Transportation - Nalapad Academy


Commuting from different locations can be problem especially when you have to drop your child to the school and then go to the office which is on the other side of the city. At Nalapad Academy we have a fleet of school buses that are well maintained and in pristine condition, The Transport team is very experienced and makes sure that your child is safe, picked up on the right time and dropped back at your point.

At Nalapad Academy we undertake background verification of every employee and make sure that they are perfect for the work.

All the buses have been equipped with GPS enabled devices that lets us know the location of where each bus is at any given moment and the same access is shared to the parents.

Keeping safety in mind, every bus has a camera installed on board and is monitored every day.

All of the school buses have emergency exits, a fire extinguisher and a medical kit for added safety.


The State of the art infrastructure with the seating capacity of over 450, aesthetically designed A/c and sound proof auditorium creates a favorable environment for student’s holistic development;
The auditorium plays a vital role in the daily routine of the school. It bears witness to the solemnity of the various cultural as well as entertainment events regularly organized here. Many inter-house competitions held here and cater to the various talents of the students.

Auditorium - Nalapad Academy
Digital Library Services - Nalapad Academy

Digital Library Services

Our Digital library services go beyond mere access to books and online resources. We provide comprehensive support for student’s academic and research needs, including reference assistance, research guidance, bibliographic support, and access to academic databases. Moreover, we prioritize fostering a culture of reading and information literacy by organizing book fairs, author visits, and literacy events that celebrate the joy of reading and encourage students to explore diverse literary genres. Our libraries also play a pivotal role in promoting recreational reading and independent learning, nurturing a lifelong love for books, and enabling students to delve into new worlds, pursue their interests, and quench their thirst for knowledge beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Kids Outdoor Play Area

Our play area is carefully crafted to provide a stimulating and safe environment for our pre-primary students. With age-appropriate structures, colorful equipment, and engaging activities, our vibrant play area promotes active play, exploration, and social interaction. We prioritize safety, incorporating secure boundaries, child-friendly equipment, and soft flooring. Through a wide range of activities, such as climbing, swinging, and imaginative role-play, students develop physical abilities, coordination, and strength while fostering social skills and friendships. Our dedicated teachers facilitate inclusive play, and the incorporation of natural elements encourages a connection with nature and environmental awareness. The play area at Nalapad Nest is an integral part of our pre-primary curriculum, nurturing holistic development and fostering creativity, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional well-being in our young learners.

Kids Outdoor Play Area - Nalapad Academy
Dance Studio - Nalapad Academy

Dance Studio

Our state-of-the-art dance studio is a dedicated space where students can express themselves and explore the transformative power of dance. Designed with professional features such as specialized flooring, mirrors, and sound systems, our studio provides a safe and inspiring environment for students of all levels.

With a wide range of dance disciplines, experienced instructors, and in association with Pralay Academy, we offer comprehensive dance education that promotes technique, artistic expression, physical fitness, and self-confidence. Our dance programs encourage individual growth, showcase students’ talents, and nurture valuable skills such as discipline, resilience, and stage presence.


The Nalapad Academy Library is a hub for readers,
learners, and curious minds. With an extensive collection of books from classics to contemporary works, the library offers a tranquil and inviting space for
exploration. It also offers access to digital resources, research databases, and e-books, ensuring academic excellence. The library’s dedicated librarians provide
assistance in finding resources. The library creates a nurturing environment for reading and learning, offering comfortable seating, and quiet study areas.

Library - Nalapad Academy