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Cambridge Upper Secondary: (IGCSE)

This niche & popular English curriculum was developed by Cambridge international examination portraying a very international perspective.  Its uniqueness is quantified by the wide range of learning options adaptable at a state, national & global level . Its globally horizon expands to over 10000 schools approx. across 160 countries because its quite flexible. This curriculum emphasizes on skill development through different subjects & connecting them altogether through application of knowledge and understanding, intellectual thinking, flexibility & response, awareness of cultures, developing english language skills & finally the outcome of the entire learning process.

Cambridge Checkpoint is an intermediary stage for the Cambridge Lower Secondary program and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) students in which they build on their understanding and skills in English, Science, and Mathematics

This sets an excellent preparatory ground for them to take on higher Cambridge qualifications including the Cambridge Lower Secondary program and IGCSE. The tests are designed with international learners in mind so as to suit students of all cultural and language backgrounds. The tests are assessed by CAIE which provides schools with a global yardstick to gauge student performance.

1. Cambridge Checkpoint is a series of structured and comprehensive English, Mathematics, and Science course books.

2. Checkpoint is not a formal qualification with a certificate, although students get a Statement of Achievement.

3. The two Checkpoint assessments offered by the CAIE – Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary programs help the students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to excel at school, university, and beyond.

4. The Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint for 5-11-year-olds and for 11-14-year-olds respectively. It is an assessment service for use in the final year of primary education and Secondary education. It covers English, Mathematics, and Science.

5. The Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoint test results give detailed feedback that helps learners get more clarity about their strengths and weaknesses in the main subjects. Teachers and schools can put this information to good use to help learners achieve better results in the future.

6. Each learner receives two documents:
1) Statement of Achievement gives the learner’s overall results.
2) Report which provides additional facets on the learner’s performance.

7. Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoint are fully marked by CAIE. Results are given as Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoint scores. These scores are between 0.0 and 6.0, ranging from the weakest to the best. This aids teachers identify any specific difficulties the student might have with a topic.

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