Early Year 2 program is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, UK.
The program supports the development needs of toddlers, focuses on developing both, individual growth and social skills. This environment enables language and reading, motor skills development, math, role plays, science and outdoor learning.

This program follows safety, security and cleanliness standards based on EYFS guidelines. This experiential learning module includes:


  • Circle Time:
    We can’t stress enough on the importance of sharing, empathising and learning from each other’s experience. Hence, circle time is when everyone gathers and shares their learning, talk and also fun sing along sessions.
  • Developmental Time:
    It focuses on broadening a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Language Development:
    This focuses on listening, speaking and comprehensive skills which prove effective and adds on to their personality.
  • Sensory Experience:
    We expose them to experiences that directly work on their cognitive skill development.
  • Exploring Math:
    We make math fun by teaching them concepts through solid, tangible and visible examples.
  • Exploring Sciences:
    Experiences stick with children when done right. We take them through the world of science by giving them hands-on experiences which helps them understand its application in real life.
  • Outdoor Play:
    Focuses on kinesthetic learning through physical activities which is important for both, mental and physical stability.


Indoor Play:
It helps in getting their creative juices flowing where they engage in puppeteering. This also helps in language development.